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CeeNeye has got that slap. The bass is huge, and it just hits! He definitely has the sound that makes you wanna go to the club and party!!!

Be A Part Of The Movement!

I Need You !

Jump Off The Porch !!! Come Behind The Scenes With Me See How I Put Together The Songs That Make The Party Go Up. Be A Part Of History, Observe The Start Of One Of The Biggest Artists Of The 20’s !!!

" I watched this man literally sell thousands of c.d.s all over the Bay out the trunk, the backpack, and the pockets. but even back then he was constantly talking about making this project one day… All that being said, this is that new album and it is inspiring, banging, hilarious and full of classic moments detailing the humor and wit of one of the illest M.C./Producers"
Malik Crumpler

About The Artist


CeeNeye pronounced (Seein’ Eye), born Paul Harden, is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer. He grew up in Oakland, and the surrounding East Bay. Having witnessed a fast life of drug dealing and police brutality, he eventually experienced both. He survived and overcame homelessness and the untimely death of friends and loved ones. Channeling these experiences to engender music replete with references to sex, ghetto life, and street violence.

Ranging stylistically from hip hop to melodic trap. He formulates songs that draw heavily from both his upbringing on the West Coast, and the southern roots of his family.  CeeNeye began rapping as a teenager heavily influenced by 2pac, D’angelo, and Nirvana. With a soundscape focusing on party themed tunes with catchy hooks and bouncy 808s. His musical pursuits captivate and compel fans with his composition and lyrical mastery.

"I'm the Black Lion I'm King of the Jungle, I'm Ready To Rumble !"

RIDE With Me

Witness My Rise all the way to the TOP

I Love My Fans.  I Want You To Roll With Me Every Step Of The Way.  Listen To Unreleased Songs And Demos.  Watch Behind The Scenes Footage.  Listen to My Story.  Come Along On This Journey, And See Me Turn Dreams Into Reality.  Be Apart Of My Family.  Love Is Loyalty, Betrayal Is Pain, Black And Gold



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