My top 5 Digital Audio Workstations

Since the 90’s, when home recording first started Digital audio workstations Have been the software solution for recording artists. These programs are used to mix master record and produce tracks right in your home studio.

•A DAW or digital audio workstation allows you to record produce edit and store music and vocals directly to the hard drive on your computer.
•in 1996, Steinberg introduced Cubase VST, which could record and play back up to 32 tracks of digital audio on an Apple Macintosh without need of any external DSP hardware. Cubase not only modelled a tape-like interface for recording and editing, but also modelled the entire mixing desk and effects rack common in analog studios. This revolutionised the DAW world, both in features and price tag, and was quickly imitated by most other contemporary DAW systems.
•Picking the right DAW is essential to your recordings and productions. The variety of factors in choosing the right one is based on your computer your platform and your budget.
Top 5 DAWs
5.) Reaper (free) constantly updated based on user experience and feedback . They request your purchase of their $60 license
But it is free to use.
4.) Steinberg Nuendo/ Cubase my first DAW super easy to use. Great workflow and good plugins included.
3.) Pro Tools – professional industry standard since the 90s. Great workflow. Great plugins included. The downside is in order to unlock it’s maximum potential you would need to purchase the HD core system. Which could run $1000 or more.
2.) FL studio – Great for beginners, really easy to use, possibly the best included plugins.Included with your purchase are free lifetime updates. This DAW is becoming more and more a standard for hip hop and edm producers. The only downside is it’s only available on windows for now.
1.) Ableton – This is my personal choice for a DAW. Best workflow, and great live applications. It utilizes both clips and a standard arrangement view. Great plugins are included and really easy to use automation. I think it makes working on music more fun. The downside is it’s rather expensive for the premium suite version at $749. And the outboard gear Ableton Push is required to get the most out of live performances. Of all these 5 DAW this is the most ready to use to make professional music.